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Many people have always wished to explore the sea. They always want to know what lies beneath the water and those stones those are filmed in documentaries. It takes one a lot of courage just put on a snorkel and get to the water to find out. People have interacted in nature in many ways. They go to animal parks to just get a photo of the wild animals. People have thus transferred this interest to know what happens in the sea, to know what stays there and to interact with it. It's very interesting to know about nature. The internet reduced the world to a small village and thus, aquariums have brought the sea close to man. Aquariums are vivaria in which see creature are breeding. They can be either large or small depending on the purpose. Aquariums can be placed in the offices just to keep visitors busy when they are around the office, learn more!


 Large aquariums are done for business and can be tourist places where people pay money to view them. They are thus a collection of wild animals kept in a closed container, mostly triangular in shape. Some of them have an opening in which one can touch and hold the inhabitants. Snakes that stay in water are also kept here. This provides one a chance to even touch the snakes if they are harmless. They have a transparent window from either of the sides in which people can thus view the creatures.  The open end enables one to interact with the animals. The collection may involve, fish, snakes, turtles and plants that grow in water. One can wonder how these creatures could stay in closed water away from the sea. Though, these aquariums are made to provide the same environment as it is in the sea. All conditions or some of them are met. The plants provide enough oxygen that the fish can use for breathing.  The ecosystem is thus usually complete, additional info here!


The plants also feed on the animals waste. Sometimes, favorable soil can also be provided. People can thus visit the place, and get a chance to interact with the animals. They hold the fish from the opening and even feed it. The food they feed is provided by the aquarium administration because of health problems to avoid a visitor feeding them with wrong food. They even hold the snakes, view them and return them to the water. Interactive aquariums provide the best chance for you to view and touch what stays in water. It's total fun. For more insights regarding aquarium, go to